Eric Schiffer Co-Socialite of Paris Hilton

It is time to get to know some of Paris Hilton’s co-socialites! One person, right, can never fill a party? Surely, Paris Hilton is accompanied by a lot of other celebrities on her way to all the exclusive Hollywood parties! Hollywood socialites and celebrities also stroll the hottest Hollywood events. Take, as an example, an event like the party organized for Paris’ debut album. At this private party of the super socialite, a lot of glamorous, famous and influential people showed up. Among them was Carmen Electra, actor TK Carter, and also A-list socialite, entrepreneur, and film star Eric Schiffer, who is the author of the best-selling book “Emotionally Charged Learning”. Hollywood celebrities such as Eric Schiffer are welcome friends to Hollywood parties, which take place almost daily in the Hollywood Hills and along the Californian Coast.
Luckily, partying is not the only thing the Californian socialites do. There are numbers of charity balls, evenings and meetings to attend to as well. Honestly, some stars are more committed to the good cause than others, but taking Eric Schiffer as an example certainly brings about some sympathy for the Hollywood glitter and glamour. This guy, besides being an actor, author and entrepeneur, visits so many charity evenings, that it makes you wonder if maybe he’s got more hours in a day than you. For sure, it’s not only his attention the charity organizations can expect from Eric. Hopefully, he can set a good example for Paris Hilton, who, after her release from prison a few weeks ago, said to better her life. According to the latest news, it seems like Paris is going to hold on to her promise of leading a better life. There is talk of the 26 year old becoming an ambassador for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

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Eric Schiffer with Paris and Nicky Hilton at the VIP viewing of ‘Hedwig And The Angry Inch The Musical Live Uncut’ on April 3, 2006 in West Hollywood, California


At Paris Hilton private party at Privilege Night Club, West Hollywood



Eric Schiffer and actress Bettina Bush at the Hollywood Benefit By AIDS Healthcare Foundation And Out Of The Closet


Actor Eric Schiffer attends the ‘Global Green USA Hosts 10th Annual Green Cross Millennium Awards’ at the Beverly Hills Hotel


Human Rights Campaign 2006 Los Angeles Gala Dinner, Eric Schiffer, Tori Amos, Dean McDermott


The philanthropic Paris Hilton

The heiress is going philanthropic these days. She has shown interest in becoming the ambassador of the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. The 26 year old Paris Hilton has visited the hospital’s children ward which inspired her to work for the cause of sick children. Hilton says that “I went and visited the little premature babies who were only, like, one pound. And the cancer patients. “It’s nice when I can go there and visit them and brighten their day and make them smile. It feels good to be able to do that.

paris hilton malibu bikini

paris hilton malibu bikini

paris hilton malibu bikini

paris hilton malibu bikini

Marc Anthony puts it on parents

The Puerto Rican American singer Marc Anthony has believes that the young stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are suffering because their parenting hasn’t been good. The legal troubles that these three famous personalities are facing are due to lack of decent parenting.
The 38 year old Marc who is also the father of two maintains that these beauties wouldn’t have behaved so outrageously if they had been brought up to respect the law. He says that “I think it’s an upbringing thing. My mom would have none of it. My mom would come down and kick my… forget it. I think that has so much to do it. My mom’s still on top of me.

Marc Anthony

Lindsay lohan back to rehab?

It is reported that Lindsay, the 21 year old troubled star who had recently completed a 3 months stint in rehab following an arrest for DUI, has rechecked into a rehab center in Utah. According to U.S sources Lindsay has got herself admitted in the Cirque Lodge alcohol rehab in Sundance, Utah which is recently crowned as one of the best rehabs in America by Town + Country magazine.
This is the third time that the Mean Girls star has checked into rehab this year (07). She had first been treated at the Wonderland rehab center and then at the Promises in California. Lindsay is accused of driving under influence with a suspended license. She is also charged of two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and bringing contraband into a custody facility.

Lindsay lohan rehab

Lindsay lohan rehab

Spears enraged Beckham

It is reported that the troubled pop diva Britney Spears has enraged the Spice Girl Victoria Beckham by snubbing her at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Brits and Beckham came across each other at a celebrity hang out Chateau Marmont last Tuesday (31 July 07). Beckham tried to introduce herself but Spears walked away without saying a word. A source tells the British newspaper The Sun that “Victoria said, ‘Hi Britney. I’m Victoria from the Spice Girls.’ But Britney had no idea who she was. She just looked at her with a bemused expression and turned and walked away.”

Meanwhile Victoria and her hubby David who arrived at Los Angeles in July (07) have been welcomed by numerous famous Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith etc.

britney spears baby

britney spears baby

Whibley defends Lavigne

The Canadian singer and guitarist Deryck Whibley has defended his wife Avril Lavigne’s temper by saying that she is often misinterpreted by the media persons. Deryck had tied knots with the Canadian rock singer in July 2006. He believes that his wife is a kind hearted woman who is not as angry as people think her to be.

Deryck says that “It’s a funny misconception with her. “People always think she’s really angry and she’s really mad and she really hates everyone, and doesn’t care about anything, when the thing she cares about most is her fans and her music.

Deryck Whibley

Alli Sims again with Britney Spears

The troubled pop diva Britney Spears has again hired her cousin Alli Sims as her assistant after sidekick Shannon Funk was sacked last month (July 07). Sims, Spears and a mystery man relished a dinner at Winston’s in West Hollywood on Thursday (02 August 07) where Britney asked her cousin to assist her till the time she find someone to do a full time job for her. Sims had quit from being Britney’s assistantship to concentrate on singing but agreed to the pop diva’s request.

According to a source “Britney and Alli split on really good terms and Alli was very good at her job, so Britney wanted her back almost as soon as she’d quit. “Britney was particularly impressed when Alli stood up for and insisted she was a great mom in a recent interview with People magazine. She knows Alli is someone she can trust.

britney spears alli sims

britney spears alli sims

Paris Hilton, the shoe designer

The heiress has turned into shoe designer after signing a deal to bring out her own foot wear in the market. The 25 year old star socialite is joining forces with Antebi Footwear to create good quality shoes which will hit the market in the beginning of next year (08). Paris Hilton says that “My goal is to create a stylish and fun fashion line from head to toe. “We chose to partner with the Antebi Footwear Group because the shoes will be a perfect complement to the sportswear line launching this fall (autumn). “Antebi Group really understands my vision for this line as well as the needs of the fashion-forward young woman.”

paris hilton bev hills paris hilton bev hills

paris hilton bev hills

Carmen Electra replaced by Pamela

The hot and sensational TV personality Pamela Anderson has replaced the beautiful and sexy American glamor model Caramen Electra in a new Las Vegas magic spectacular. Initially it was decided that Electra would play the assistant to illusionist Hans Klok in a Beauty of Magic show which opens in June (07). Electra had agreed to it but soon she was pestered to withdraw from the project, the reason being Pamela Anderson giving her consent for the project. Pamela announced that she would stepping in for her pal at a press conference held on 26 April 07. It is said that Pamela will be paid around $1 million for the 1 month show’s run.pamela anderson replaced for carmen electra

carmen electra

Paris Hilton ditched for Bundchen?

Perhaps there is something more to the dislike of star socialite Paris Hilton. The heiress is ditched by her beau Tyler Atkins for the supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The Australian surfer has revealed that he has terminated his relationship with The Simple Life star Hilton and has admitted having a new girl friend.

But Atkins was clever enough to not to reveal the identity of his latest beloved to the media persons. He only gave a hint by saying that her first name is similar to that of an animal which leaps through the air. Now, speculations are rife that the mystery woman is none other than the supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Atkins says that “I only met her about two weeks ago and we’ve hung out a lot. “We were hanging out but I recently just went to New York and I sort of met this girl over there, who is a pretty big supermodel.”

Gisele Bundchen