Entries from November 2006

Brittany Murphy PhotoShoot

Snoop Dogg Arrested…AGAIN

Snoop DO double G has been arrested for the second time in a month last night outside NBC studios in Burbank. The rapper was found in possesion of marijuana, cocaine and other substances.

Hilary Duff is now AVAILABLE

Bad news for Joel Madden, himself and Girlfriend Hilary Duff have now split up. The breakup comes after a two and a half year relationship. Allegedly Madden had made the announcement at a Chigaco nightclub that the couple had split.
News was confirmed with a statement released from his band manager:
“I can indeed confirm that Joel [...]

Owen Wilson to pop the question?

Latest news to our exclusive ears is that Owen Wilson is planning to pop the question to partner Kate Hudson, after being seen shopping for an engagement ring at Harry Winston, Dallas.
A quote taken from the New York Post:
They were looking at a huge, pear-shaped, flawless diamond engagement ring,” said our witness. Though the bauble [...]

Nicole Richie – PETA’s NOT HOT Celeb

PETA have surprisingly :rolleyes: named nicole richie as the worst dressed celebrity. The daughter of Singer Lionel Richie was branded in some unflattering ways by the group. “This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones, She’s an incredible shrinking woman with the heart to match.”
Runner up was Ashlee Simpson, who the group clearly [...]

Diaz would Deny Timberlake

Cameron Diaz says she wouldnt marry long term boyfriend Justin Timberlake if he were to pop the question. Claiming she is afraid of commitment. Wonder how justin feels about this.
“When Justin was on the show I asked him if you were going to get married,” Ellen says.
“I saw that,” Diaz responds. “You know the answer [...]

Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock Divorce

No, were not joking. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are officially getting a divorce. Both have filed for divorce and Pamela states the date of Seperation as November 21st, whilst kid rock lists the date as November 26th.
An entry from Pamelas Online Blog:

Yes, it’s true.
Unfortunately impossible.

Da Vinci Code Sequel

A sequel to The Da Vinci Code is in the works. Scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman, who adapted the Dan Brown novel for the screen, has reportedly been paid $3.8 million to write the sequel.
Part two is said to be based on the novel Angels And Demons, the book which precedes The Da Vinci Code.
Sources say [...]

Swapped Nicole with a surgery patient?

So Britney and Paris have been spending a lot of time together lately, has Nicole been swapped for a plastic surgery client? I’m sure britneys chest wasnt always that pert..especially after giving birth? These photos were from a Private Party in Beverley Hills last night, interesting style changes later on in the night were also [...]

Nelly says NO to Playboy

Singer Nelly Furtado reveales that she has turned down a massive $500k to pose nude for Playboy magazine. Simply for wanting her bed buddies to have something for the bedroom.
The Indemand star, when asked about it by MTV said: “It was tempting. It almost plays on your vanity.”
“But I like to save a little [...]