Entries from January 2007

Sienna Miller: No Longer Interested in Monogamy?

Josh Hartnett and Sienna Miller have been on several successful dates thus far, and reportedly, Josh has fallen head over heels for her. However interested Sienna may be in him, she says that she is not willing to exclusively date him. After her messy relationship with Jude Law, and his cheating on her [...]

A minute with Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes arriving at the Georgio Armani show in Paris

Paris Hilton will let you Grope her!

Paris Hilton shows that she will let anybody grope her, after new pictures were released from the ParisExposed website, after paris had allowed her possessions to be sold at auction due to not paying the storeage fee, the guy holding her clearly isnt the guy groping her, click ‘Read more’ for the uncensored version:

Mandy Moore gets mobbed

Mandy Moore shows shes tougher than she looks after being greated by some less than friendly fans on her way to the David Letterman show. So the guy in the background is either Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

Eva Longoria to wed on the 7/7/07

Eva Longoria and fiancee Tony Parker have set their wedding date as the 7/7, 2007. The reason being is that Tony is extremely superficial superstitious, and believes the date will bring them luck:
The “Desperate Housewives” star got engaged to the San Antonio Spurs guard in November after a two-year romance that had its ups [...]

Guess the breasts

Guess who’s breasts these are, find out after the jump:

Hugh Hefner is a comic genius

Hugh Hefner has denied Kelly Osbourne the chance to pose nude for playboy. We first alerted the world back in December of 2006 that Kelly expressed interest to pose nude for the magazine. Hugh’s reply? ‘We don’t airbrush pictures to that extent’
haha, no need for jokes from us this time. Quality!

Paris Hilton going back to court

This time shes not the one thats done anything wrong (drink driving *Cough*), but Paris Hilton is actually looking to sue a website (ParisExposed.com) due to having footage and images of her that im sure she doesnt want people to see.
When the hotel heiress failed to keep up her payments on her container, the contents [...]

Britney actually takes her son outside! [RARE]

No, this hasnt been photoshopped, Britney Spears is actually holding her son on her arm. Ever since Britney’s split with Kevin Federline the only place she has been snapped is in limo’s and falling asleep in nightclubs.
Britney and son (Sean) were out Lingerie shopping in Hollywood, thank god shes buying underwear!

Jade Goody = Racist Moron

Not only was Jade Goody the first ‘celebrity’ never to have crowds at her eviction due to racism for the UK Celebrity Big Brother, shes now going to visit the country of the people that she was racist too during the show.
After returning to the house that made her famous, Jade had numerous clashes [...]