Entries from March 2007

Jennifer Aniston Considering a Move

Seems like LA is getting to Jennifer Aniston with reports now suggesting that she is considering moving back to her hometown of New York City. Oddly enough, it was ex Vince Vaughn who tried earlier to get Aniston to check out some Chicago real estate and leave LA. At the time, however, she [...]

Liz Hurley Spent Big Bucks on Wedding Day Bling

And you thought the fine jewelry you wore on your wedding day was expensive! On her wedding day, Liz Hurley reportedly wore a $4,000 diamond encrusted pink sari worth $4,000, $53,000 earrings, and a $26,000 bracelet. Hubby Arun Nayer tacked on an additional $6,600 to the wedding bill for his bejeweled coat and [...]