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Angelina Jolie rumored to add another child to the family

Angelina Jolie’s family might just get bigger anytime now. No. She’s not pregnant and very far from it. Currently, Angelina Jolie spends most of her time in the Czech Republic shooting her latest film, a thriller titled “Wanted”. While also there, Ms. Jolie is planning to add another kid in an already well represented family. [...]

Is Brad Pitt Getting Flabby?

Brad Pitt will not let filmakers shoot his backside in his new film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Strange because the actor has done Playgirl Magazine before.
Either A) He is getting a bit flabby in the backside
Or B) Angelina doesn’t want other ladies gawking all over his goods
Here is what a [...]

Angelina Goes to Tribeca

Angeline Jolie sure aint tight-lipped

Angelina Jolie has pretty much unravelled a lot of stories and questions after an inteview with Elle UK. She reveales the truth behind her unplanned pregnancy with Brad Pitt and admits she favors adopted children!
On playing favorites with her three little ones:
“I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, [...]

Pitt and Jolie Panama Vactation Pictures

Looks like Brad and Angelina had a great time in panama, visiting the locals and doing a spot of shopping aswell, shameless!

Jolie says giving birth is easier than adoption

Angelina Jolie insists “adoptive parents are more fit to raise a child than biological parents, because their background and personality is thoroughly scrutinized to see if they’re suitable for the challenge.”
Jolie was put through stringent tests before being granted permission to adopt Maddox, five, and Zahara, one. But when she gave birth to baby [...]