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Battle of the Diva’s

Beyonce is being sued by fellow diva Des’ree. Des’ree says Beyonce never got approval for performing a song called ‘I’m Kissing You’ and now are heading to a court battle. The song is set for a single release on Beyonce’s next album. I see this one getting worked out with a hefty settlement soon.

Beyonce Going to Def Jam?

Rumors are swirling that Beyonce Knowles is heading to Def Jams. She would be joining her boyfriend Jay-Z if that was the case. Beyonce is currently with Sony. Page 6 reported, “(Carter) has been trying to get her to Def Jam for a while. He would love to oversee her career – he kind of [...]

Cheerleaders watch out, Beyonce’s about!

Beyonce Knowles has been given permission by Jay-Z to design the cheerleader outfits for the Basketball team that he part-owns. The NBA nets are looking for something groovy:
Beyoncé and her mother Tina, who run the House of Dereon fashion line together, have struck a new deal with the Nets to design new outfits for the [...]

Beyonces Booty is shy

Beyonce has admitted that she is shy when using public toilets, simply because she doesnt believe fans will be able to control themselves:
Knowles says, “I have a little social anxiety about using public restrooms. People are like, ‘Oh gosh, she’s in the stall.’ You come out and there’s all these people with camera phones and [...]