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Is Brad Pitt Getting Flabby?

Brad Pitt will not let filmakers shoot his backside in his new film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Strange because the actor has done Playgirl Magazine before.
Either A) He is getting a bit flabby in the backside
Or B) Angelina doesn’t want other ladies gawking all over his goods
Here is what a [...]

Whos Older? Brad Pitt vs Morgan Freeman

Brad Pitt was certainly looking ‘worse for wear’ at his recent turnup at the Palm Springs Festival. Pictured above Brad was shaking hands with none other than Morgan Freeman, ok, so brad clearly looks younger, but the following pics show hes catching up to his age early:

Pitt and Jolie Panama Vactation Pictures

Looks like Brad and Angelina had a great time in panama, visiting the locals and doing a spot of shopping aswell, shameless!