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Beckham’s Birthday Bash!

David Beckham’s Farewell Bash

David Beckham is saying his goodbyes in a regular English Pub, as his longtime friends wish him well as heads to LA. “David is busy planning his boys-only do at the moment and has warned Victoria she’s not invited. He doesn’t want her making any glam suggestions for the bash,” a source told the Daily [...]

Beckham is wanted in the Playboy mansion

Playboy founder Hugh Heffner has revealed that the playboy bunnies have been non-stop talking about the future arrival of David Beckham to the Playboy mansion. Beckham only recently announced he would be moving to Hollywood to join Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy once his contract has ended with Real Madrid.
The 80-year-old says, “I think [...]

Madonna says UK Paparazzi are worse

Madonna claims that the UK Paparazzi are worse towards celebrities over here. She makes the claim based up the UK being a smaller place, hence their being less ‘celebrities’ to focus on, so particular celebrities get a lot of the action.
And Madonna told NBC she can relate to Middleton’s predicament. She said, “There is a [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Beckham to join LA Galaxy

Various websites have stated that David Beckham is coming to live in Hollywood, but nobody has stated the reason, until we came along . David is leaving Real Madrid at the end of the Season as they have refused to renew his contact, but Beckham is signing a deal with LA Galaxy a Major [...]