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James Blunt and Paris Hilton Hit it Off

James Blunt and Paris Hilton were all over themselves in LA a few nights ago. The “couple” were making out and enjoying themselves as they were being followed by the paparazzi. Paris didn’t like the fact that Blunt was hitting on Lindsay Lohan so she took the singing sensation away all for herself. Paris, you [...]

James Blunt Won’t Face Charges in Driving Incident

If your a superstar singer you don’t get in trouble if your drive over someones foot. English Singer James Blunt, by witness accounts, was driving a car and ran over another party goers foot (can someone guess that Blunt may have been intoxicated). But the DA isn’t pursuing the case saying, “After review of the [...]

Blunt & Nemcova Still On

Despite what the rest of the web tried to tell you the last few weeks (of course we wernt quite so hasty), James blunt and Girlfriend Petra Nemcova are still together. The picture above is taken of the couple in Hyde, the L.A hotspot late last week. Nemcova, the stunning 27 year old told People [...]