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Jennifer Aniston’s having fun dating

The 38 year old American film and television actress with a killing smile and charismatic innocent looks, Jennifer Aniston is dating a bunch of guys these days.
The Javno.com reports that some of Jennifer’s friends have said that Jenny’s relationship with the former construction worker turned model Paul Sculfor with whom she has been romancing from [...]

Grey’s Anatomy Star Shines at Glaad

Grey’s Anatomy TR Knight was given a standing ovation at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Awards. Knight was called a “faggot” by one the cast members in October forcing the actor to come out the closet. Many of the cast, except Isaiah Washington who called Knight the slur, was there in support [...]

Jennifer Aniston Considering a Move

Seems like LA is getting to Jennifer Aniston with reports now suggesting that she is considering moving back to her hometown of New York City. Oddly enough, it was ex Vince Vaughn who tried earlier to get Aniston to check out some Chicago real estate and leave LA. At the time, however, she [...]

Has Jennifer Aniston had a boob job?

Jennifer Aniston is in the middle of a mass of ‘rumours’ regarding whether she has had a boob job. After a recent display at the Peoples Choice Awards, Jennifers chest certainly does look larger then it did in the past. What do you think?

Jennifer Aniston to Courtney Cox’s Rescue!

It seems like things aren’t going to well for Courtney Cox, on her new celebrity show ‘Dirt’. Even the media company who are financing the project called it a shambles. However, things may be on the luck as Courtney is going to use her celeb status and friends to support her with the show, bring [...]

Jennifer Aniston Theo Westenberger Photoshoot

Jennifer Aniston is looking fabulous for this Theo Westenberger photoshoot, looking better than Angelina Jolie?
Click the pics for a bigger picture

Jennifer Aniston to adopt?

Looks like Jennifer Aniston is the next high profile celeb (in a string) to be looking to adopt a child. After divorce with Brad Pitt, then a recent split with boyfriend Vince Vaughan, the actress is looking to offer the chance of happyness to one disadvantaged child.
A source told the National Enquirer magazine: “Jennifer says [...]