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Russian Billionaire Pays 2 Million Dollars For Jlo Concert

Talk about overpriced concert tickets. Jennifer Lopez had a nice payday as she was paid 2 Million bucks to play a private 30th birthday party. Showing that he would go at great lengths to please his wife, Andrei Melnichenko, a Russian Billionaire at age 38, gave the gift to his model girlfriend Aleksandra. If Andrei [...]

JLo Suing National National Enquirer Over Drug Scandal Claim

Jennifer Lopez is mad as hell and isn’t taking it anymore. She is suing the National Enquirer in Europe for allegations of drug use. The lawsuit seeks damages in the form of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The alleged infraction took place when the magazine said her and her husband Marc Anthony were involved in [...]

J Lo “Don’t Risk Health To Be Thin”

Jennifer Lopez says being thin isn’t worth risking your life over. She tells British Magazine Elle “I couldn’t ever be a size zero. I just don’t see how I could get down to that size and still be healthy.” She continued, “It wouldn’t work. I have a butt, I have boobs and I [...]

Bond, James Bond Named Best Dressed

Esquire magazine has named Daniel Craig the worlds best dressed man. Among the celebs who were worst dressed Marc Anthony (come on J-Lo give him some style) and GNR Rocker Axl Rose.

Ben Affleck cashing in on J’Lo

Ben Affleck is admittedly cashing in on J’Lo’s $300,000 Bentley that she bought for him when they were married. According to In Touch magazine Affleck has the car in a lot of trading sites and papers.
Apparently, Affleck plans to give the funds raised from the sale to a Childrends hospital, good on you Ben if [...]