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Jennifer Love Hewitt Glad Sanjaya Got the Boot

Jennifer Love Hewitt has weighed in American Idol expressing pleasure that Sanjaya was shown the exit from the show. She said, ‘Thank God!’ Here’s my thing about Sanjaya, I think that Sanjaya is very smart, I think that Sanjaya could be and will have a career because there have been lots of, I don’t think [...]

A minute with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is still our favourite celebrity. Just checkout the wacky faces to see why this fox has a personality

Jennifer Love Hewitt wants you to stare at her breasts

Jennifer Love Hewitt has stated that she is glad that people stare at her breasts, it takes the attention off the bodyparts that she dislikes.
It makes me laugh – there’s a hundred other body parts that I feel completely insecure about and would rather no one ever talked about. So if they focus on those, [...]

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Letterman

Jennifer Love Hewitt Arriving at the David Letterman Show