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Nudity no big deal for Alba

Nudity is no big deal for the ravishing actress Jessica Alba. Though she does not prefer to go nude in her movies yet she would love to see nudity, naked men in particular. Alba feels that there is a lot of inequality between men and women in the context of showcasing nudity. Men’s magazines have [...]

Jessica Alba’s first kiss – a disappointment

The 26 year old ravishing American actress Jessica Alba states that her first kiss was a big disappointment. Usually first kiss is a memorable experience of life but for Alba it was traumatic. The Sin City actress says that “Then, at 14, I had to kiss a guy who was 32 or 33, and I [...]

Jessica Alba wants a family

The 26 year old actress Jessica Alba reveals that she now wants a family. With a good amount of hits associated with her name, Jessica now looks for some kind of stability in life. In the June 2007 issue of the Style magazine Jessica admitted that she is still in search of a partner to [...]

Jessica Alba in Oz for Fantastic Four and more…

Jessica Alba Wins Debut Poll

Jessica Alba is the celeb you most like meet according to the first poll. Vote on the latest poll filled with wacky celebrities.

Jessica Alba has had her nipple pierced?

Jessica Alba is certainly hiding something under that black top of hers, possibly a new nipple piercing. She certainly doesnt seem so friendly with the cameras today as she leaves a top salon with a friend.

Jessica Alba gets her own back on the paps

Jessica Alba was today spotted doing her own bit of ‘papping’. The georgeous actress and model caught the paps before they caught her, accoring to Celebrity Photographers X17Online. Good on you Jessica! Looking georgeous as usual

Jessica Alba still has it!

No matter how bad people think Jessica Alba is looking these days, photographic evidence shows she still has it. Look at the ‘bulge’ in that guys pants, nothing to be proud of but its definitely a bulge