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Is Jessica Simpson dating Cook?

Speculations are rife that the American pop singer, actress and ex-beloved of John Mayer, Jessica Simpson is dating the American stand-up comedian and actor Dane Cook. It is said that the revival of Jess and Cook’s love happened at the Prince’s VIP concert at Los Angeles’ Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday (30 Jun 07). The two [...]

John Mayer Needs Help To Get Away with “Jess”

John Mayer is definitely happy. Some phone calls from a “Jess” make his head pissed at times. He even said told Jess to “Quit Calling.”
Is this the real Jessica Simpson? Hey Jesy, are you really calling him and bugging him and on your knees just to have him back?
A friend of John Mayer [...]

Jessica Simpson Wants To Learn How To Speak French

Hey, Jess, with boobs like that guys wouldn’t care if you learned Chinese.

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson: It’s On!

Nick Lachey and ex-wife Jessica Simpson will be battling it out next week in the UK Charts.
Simpson releases her track A PUBLIC AFFAIR to counter Lachey’s WHAT’S LEFT OF ME, and even plays on the upcoming battle in her press release.
Her publicity statement reads, “The fabulous Jessica Simpson NICKs the spotlight on 29 January…”
I hope [...]

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are Alive!

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have finally come out of hiding and actually went for a meal! Its a real wonder why they have been so secretive…must be on Pappa Jo’s payroll list

Jessica Simpson is taking Cookery Lessons

Jessica Simpson, following on from her Pizza Hut commercials has now decided to take up cooking lessons to add to her ‘huge’ range of credentials. The reason for the lessons is to be able to cook a special meal on Valentine’s Day for boyfriend John Mayer:
“She’s been taking cooking classes and poring over cookbooks, [...]

Jessica Simpson filming for Pizza Hut

To give credit, shes finally managed to sneak herself back on the red carpet. Seriously though, Jessica you can do better than this, people loved your little internet video that was on youtube. Get rid of the boyfriend and do some p-orno.

Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Video Kiss

EDIT: For some reason embed isnt working, so heres the direct youtube link
Not great to see but you get the idea :p