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Moss dropped out again

It seems that the stars are not in favor of the 33 year old supermodel Kate Moss who has been dropped out once again by a big fashion label for their advertising campaign in place of the younger Brit models. In 2005 The Upmarket fashion label had dropped and accused Moss of snorting cocaine but [...]

No wedding lock for Kate Moss and Doherty

The supermodel Kate Moss has rubbished all the rumors of her secretly tying knots with her beau Pete Doherty in a Buddhist ceremony on a beach in Thailand, on the island of Phuket.
Moss’ representative, Stuart Higgins has dismissed all the claims about the English model’s wedding. Stuart said “Contrary to various entirely false media reports [...]

Kate Moss asked to be the Godmother

The renowned England footballer, David Beckham is attributed the tile of ‘godfather’ to his friend David Gardner’s recently born baby son.
Gardner and his wife Davinia Taylor have also requested the 33 year old globally known supermodel Kate Moss and a close friend of the ex-Hollyoaks stunner, to be the godmother.
Beckham and Gardner have shared a [...]

Cocaine Kate Back at it

Kate Moss has been a good girl lately. Has it all Changed? Take a look at the photo above and you will see some pretty good evidence she might be back on the drug. Of course she could of been playing around with baby powder or sugar, but that is for you to decide!

Moss Mania In London

Katie Moss Pelted With Ice Cubes

Kate Moss stormed out of a friends birthday party after getting pelted with Ice Cubes. She was also pissed off when hubby to be Pete Doherty was sent to the back of the the line by security while the couple was entering the club. “Kate thought the ice fight was hilarious at first but when [...]

Doherty and Moss Engaged!

Married, engaged, lovers, broken up? Who can keep track of the Doherty-Moss relationship? Well, just in case you too were lost, Pete Doherty has confirmed it for all the world – he and Kate Moss are in fact engaged to be married. At a solo gig at the Hackney Empire in East London, Pete introduced [...]

Celebrity Rehab Update

Right now we have three big names in drug rehab. Pete Doherty (who probably should set up permanent residence), Mike Tyson (who probably needs mental help as well), and Lindsey Lohan (who has treated her time in rehab like us peons go on vacation). So how is going for them?
Lets start with Lohan. Her mom [...]

Kate Moss Topless

It wasnt since her jamaican vacation that Katt Moss got her ball-sack sized breassts out on display for the world, but it seems like shes done it again in Thailand.
This comes after recent rumours that her and boyfriend Pete Doherty have tied the knot (of which they have not), I guess these pics are trying [...]