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Kiera Knightley hails Johnny Depp’s work

A rendezvous with Keira Knightley reveals what the star thinks about the final franchise of the Pirates movie, her role of Elizabeth Swann and much more.
Regarding the experience of working on Pirates 2 and 3 in comparison to the first film, Keira Knightley said that “It has been weird because I can’t even remember where [...]

Keira Knightley Fed Up With Fame!

Keira Knightley has hinted she may want to give up the movie biz. Here is what she said:
“The celebrity thing is completely crazy. I think I just have to move away or give it up altogether. I couldn’t have kids in the situation I’m in now. But I could just do something else. That’s [...]

Sienna Miller Replaces Lindsay Lohan in “The Best Time of Our Lives”

Kiera Knightley will be joined by Sienna Miller in the forthcoming film “The Best Time of Our Lives”. Lohan pulled out of the picture at the last minute. Check out this juicy picture of the threesome action.

No More Digtial Enhancements For Keira

Keira Knightley is putting a stop Hollywood enhancing her breasts to make them look larger on the silver screen. She told This Is London when she saw the King Arthur film she thought, “Those things certainly weren’t mine. I remember we had an interesting discussion when they said, ‘We want to make them slightly larger [...]

Sorry Fella’s, No Threesome W/ Lindsay Lohan And Keira Knightley

Guys around the world are mad at Lindsay Lohan today as she failed to show up on a film that had a scene between her and Keira Knightley. Lohan was upset at the terms of the deal. ‘The Best Times Of Our Lives’ was suppose to start filming this week before Lohan did a now [...]

Don’t call Keira Knightley anorexic

Keira Knightley is suing british newspaper The Daily Mail due to comments they made about her having lied about having an eating disorder. The text was published alongside some scarily skinny pictures of Keira:
In a statement from her lawyers, Knightley vows to challenge the alleged implication she’s in some way responsible for the girl’s tragic [...]

Keira Knightley on Malibu Beach

Keira Knightley on Malibu Beach this january. Worlds most beautiful skeleton?