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Madonna Filming Her African Trip

Talk about shameless self-promotion. Madonna is filming her exploits in Malawi, Africa, showing what a kind and gentle person she is. I think I am getting sick to my stomach!

Madonna Seeking Timberlake’s Help

Madonna is having Justin Timberlake pen some new tracks for her new album. Justin told a British paper, “I have been working on some new music. “But it’s not for myself — I’m writing for other people. I’m working on some stuff for Madonna.” Pharrell Williams is also writing 4 tracks on Madonna’s release that [...]

Madonna and Guy Ritchie ‘Portrait’ For Sale

For about $30,000 you can own this portait of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. The unflattering artwork is suppose to make Madonna look manly and Guy, well, he just looks like a freak. Peter Howson is the artist who did the work and his agent says this, “”Peter is a bit obsessed with Madonna. There are [...]

Madonna supports Rosie O’Donnell

Pop sensation Madonna has called to the defence of Rosie O’Donnell after her constant war of words with money heavyweight Donald Trump.
She Explained
“Basically, she is a standup comic. I think all standup comics talk about provocative things in their monologues before shows… I don’t know exactly the content of what she said, but I have [...]

Madonna is a sly one

Madonna is facing more bad press lately over the rumours that her adoption of David Banda from Malawi was illegal. Firstly Angelina Jolie mentioned in an interview that she wouldnt dare adopt a child from Malawi where they have no laws or rules for adoption, and now its seeming that Madonna is paying off college [...]