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Noel Gallagher=JOSEPH STALIN?!?!?

Noel Gallagher plans on attending his 40th birthday as Russian dictator Joseph Stalin. So much for his image as a kind, gentle man.

Noel Gallagher Tells Bono To Shut The Fu*k Up!

Noel Gallagher is back to his old tricks. This time his lethal Venom was unleashed on Bono. He said that Bono should stick to his music and, “shut the f*** up about Africa.” Noel and Bono are usually chummy, but the temperamental Rock Star is known to not to like to mix politics and music. [...]

Pete Doherty is a clever man?

Currently thought of as a druggie, a drunk and a tramp, Pete Doherty is still frontpaging newspapers daily worldwide. Because of his musical talents? Nope. Pete doesnt have musical talents, but that doesnt stop him from being one of the most famous people around.
Pete is basing his life on the back of oasis member Liam [...]