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Eric Schiffer Co-Socialite of Paris Hilton

It is time to get to know some of Paris Hilton’s co-socialites! One person, right, can never fill a party? Surely, Paris Hilton is accompanied by a lot of other celebrities on her way to all the exclusive Hollywood parties! Hollywood socialites and celebrities also stroll the hottest Hollywood events. Take, as an example, an [...]

The philanthropic Paris Hilton

The heiress is going philanthropic these days. She has shown interest in becoming the ambassador of the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. The 26 year old Paris Hilton has visited the hospital’s children ward which inspired her to work for the cause of sick children. Hilton says that “I went and visited the little premature [...]

Paris Hilton, the shoe designer

The heiress has turned into shoe designer after signing a deal to bring out her own foot wear in the market. The 25 year old star socialite is joining forces with Antebi Footwear to create good quality shoes which will hit the market in the beginning of next year (08). Paris Hilton says that “My [...]

Paris hilton for Pumpkins

The star socialite Paris Hilton has posed for the U.K cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ comeback single Tarantula. The photograph of the heiress has been taken by the band’s leader Billy Corgan.
Billy tells that he had initially decided to invite Paris Hilton and the former party friends Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan for covering the [...]

Paris reverts to Parties

The star socialite cannot abstain from partying. And once again she has proved it. Hilton was spotted by TMZ.com cameras at the Hollywood club Les Deux. This club is supposedly one of the best hangout joints for Paris. The heiress was accompanied by her sister Nicky, a friend names Erin Foster and her huge bodyguards.
The [...]

Hilton and Lohan’s dead friendship is enlivened now

America’s Independence Day brought a new joy in the lives of the two troubled stars namely, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton because their broken friendship has come back to life. The two most talked about girls stayed together on the auspicious day (4 July07).
Hilton had also visited Lohan at the Malibu, California home without bothering [...]

Stewart is sick of Hilton

The famous musician and producer Dave Stewart is sick of Paris Hilton’s hogging the limelight since long. Dave, the Eurythmics star has a wife who is a photographer and 2 young daughters. But Dave is worried that his daughters will grow up influenced by L.A’s rehab regulars rather than following the footsteps of the real [...]

Pregnant Richie might walk Hilton’s way

There are two possibilities in case of Nicole Richie, the daughter of the renowned singer Lionel Richie. First, she may be pregnant with the baby of her beau Joel Madden and January next year might be the due date. Second, the chances are that Nicole may walk over the Hilton way i.e. Nicole too might [...]

Hilton’s valuable advice

The star socialite Paris Hilton has advised her fans not to drink and drive on America’s Independence Day. The heiress who has faced the brunt of breaking the rules has urged the masses to not to violate the law during the 4 July celebrations. Hilton says “Happy 4th of July everyone, and remember to be [...]

The Hilton-o-mania

Recently a student named Shirla Barlow got Hilton’s old mobile number from a company. As soon as Shirla set her mobile to work, she was bombarded with calls. Some people simply wished hi or hello, others wished ‘Baby girl how are you’?
At first a perplexed Shirla could not understand what all is happening. But when [...]