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Heather Mills “Impressive Person”

I still think she is a bitch.

McCartney Hates Simon Cowell

Paul McCartney refused to go on American Idol because he isn’t a fan of Simon Cowell. The producer of the show recently said, “[McCartney's] a nice guy. He doesn’t like Simon saying, ‘You’re horrible. You’re the worst I ever heard. You shouldn’t be singing. So the chances of Paul coming on the show were pretty [...]

Heather Mills Crocodile Tears

Heather Mills appearently broke down on the set of Ryan Seacrest this morning claiming she is not a gold digger. She went on to and said that everyone should apologize for every bad thing they’ve ever said about Heather … ever. Will the one-legged one ever just find some whole to crawl in because I [...]

Heather Mills To ‘Dance With Stars’

Reports are abound that Heather Mills, Paul McCartney’s ex, is set to join ‘Dancing With The Stars’ next summer. A word of advice to other stars out there, don’t get involved with her or she’ll take you to the cleaners like she did to poor Sir Paul.