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Salma Hayek the Exec

Salma Hayek has a new venture. She is teaming up with MGM to form a film company. She is looking to promote Latino themes, a segment that is excpected to grow in the coming in years. Her new film company plans on producing 2-4 films per year.

Salma Hayek just made us Cry!

We’ve never had a bad word to say about Salma Hayek, until now. Seriously, the fringe, the poses, the covering of the cleavage, fire your PR guy. Please salma, your our 2nd favourite celebrity so don’t ruin in

Female of the Day: Salma Hayek

This women amazed us back when she did her photos for the compri calendar, but right now shes looking as hot as ever, cant do anything wrong in our eyes :p, let us know your thoughts on these:

Interesting choice of scenery (fire hydrant) Click the pics for bigger images

Salma Hayek in the Spotlight

Salma Hayek, is the face of the new Campri Calendar, taking some very seductive pictures showing off her big assets . We are sure you know what we are talking about.
Heres a preview of the calendar promotion and some extra pics from her new spotlight stardom.