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Speedround 23rd January

Brad Pitt is successful because of stripper rumours [DerekHail]
Paris Hilton cops a plea [Celebslam]
Jessica gets a nomination [PopSugar]
Mall cops think they’re real cops [SplashNews]
Billy Joel to perform national anthem at superbowl [Starpulse]

Speedround – Jan13th

Exclusive Video of Britney at the playground [Flynet]
Beckham turned to Tom Cruise for advice [People]
Justin Timberlake what goes around [popbytes]
John O’hurley stars in spam-a-lot [Starmagazine]
Week in review on Celebrity breakups [USWeekly]

Speedround – Jan 10th-11th

Angie and Marilyn into the H-Bomb? [SocialitesLife]
Simon Cowell is playboys february interview [BricksandStones]
A protective Tom Cruise hides Suri from the world [DerekHail]
Jessica Biels ass hits a grandslam [Celebslam]

Speedround 8th-9th January

Rosie’s kids comment on trump [SocialitesLife]
Leonardo Di Caprio adopts half a child [DerekHail]
New Yorks show promises to be the worst TV Ever [Celebslam]
Did Vince Vaughan try to win Jennifer Aniston back? [Celebitchy]
What was their job before they were celebrities? [GoneHollywood]

Speedround – Jan6th

Mariah Carey caught on tape [PerezHilton]
Degrassi and Beyond the break are back [SeriouslyOMGWTF]
House stars are engaged [CelebrityNation]
Brad pitt sets sail with cigarette in hand [GoneHollywood]
Renee Zelwegger is a tortured soul [Celebitchy]

Speedround 5-6th January

Jessica Biel and Derick Jeter on the beach [Hollywood Rag]
What roles Paris Hilton Could play as an actress [x17Online]
Tyra Banks does Vanity Fair [SocialiteLife]
Do not speak to david schwimmer unless spoken too [Celebslam]
Britney and Kevin agree on custody for the month of January [People]
Whats up with Courtneys face? [ICYDK]


Celebslam Paris Hilton likes monkeys more than penises
ICYDK Meg Ryan is looking, well…different
Derek Hail Teri Hatchers monthly cycle
Bumpshack reports that anegline lilly is sick of fame, erm…your in the hottest TV Show on TV :S
SocialiteLife claims that Nicollete isnt afraid of Lucy Lui, who would be?
Hollywood reports on why James Browns widow was locked outside [...]

Daily Roundup – Thursday 4th

Britney Owned britney looking less than glamorous
X17, once again britney out of the frame
Lohan hospitalised
Jessica Simpson back in the news for all the right wrong reasons
Angel Angelina Jolie depicated as an angel…of walmart?
Pamela Anderson is back to her best!
SeriouslyOMGWTF reports on Jenna and Shanna