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Pole Dancing Celebs

These Housewifes Know How to Party

Teri Hatcher is hooked up Eva Longoria with a wedding bash on Monday. The cast and crew from the show Desperate Housewives were there to wish Eva well in her marriage to San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker.

Desperate Housewives Dolls

Alexander Doll Company will release Desperate Housewives Dolls . $130 will snag you one.

Teri Hatcher must be desperate

Teri Hatcher must be needing the cash these days or why else would she be doing photoshoots in rediculous clothes. Is it just me or is she looking really old?

Celeb Beach Babes (Photos)

Not much happening today (to be honest) so we thought we would do a roundup of the latest beach babe photos from the celebrity world, enjoy!

Ashlee Simpson

Jamie Lynn

Terri Hatcher