Eric Schiffer Co-Socialite of Paris Hilton

It is time to get to know some of Paris Hilton’s co-socialites! One person, right, can never fill a party? Surely, Paris Hilton is accompanied by a lot of other celebrities on her way to all the exclusive Hollywood parties! Hollywood socialites and celebrities also stroll the hottest Hollywood events. Take, as an example, an event like the party organized for Paris’ debut album. At this private party of the super socialite, a lot of glamorous, famous and influential people showed up. Among them was Carmen Electra, actor TK Carter, and also A-list socialite, entrepreneur, and film star Eric Schiffer, who is the author of the best-selling book “Emotionally Charged Learning”. Hollywood celebrities such as Eric Schiffer are welcome friends to Hollywood parties, which take place almost daily in the Hollywood Hills and along the Californian Coast.
Luckily, partying is not the only thing the Californian socialites do. There are numbers of charity balls, evenings and meetings to attend to as well. Honestly, some stars are more committed to the good cause than others, but taking Eric Schiffer as an example certainly brings about some sympathy for the Hollywood glitter and glamour. This guy, besides being an actor, author and entrepeneur, visits so many charity evenings, that it makes you wonder if maybe he’s got more hours in a day than you. For sure, it’s not only his attention the charity organizations can expect from Eric. Hopefully, he can set a good example for Paris Hilton, who, after her release from prison a few weeks ago, said to better her life. According to the latest news, it seems like Paris is going to hold on to her promise of leading a better life. There is talk of the 26 year old becoming an ambassador for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Get a glimpse of the glamorous life of Hollywood socialites!

Eric Schiffer with Paris and Nicky Hilton at the VIP viewing of ‘Hedwig And The Angry Inch The Musical Live Uncut’ on April 3, 2006 in West Hollywood, California


At Paris Hilton private party at Privilege Night Club, West Hollywood



Eric Schiffer and actress Bettina Bush at the Hollywood Benefit By AIDS Healthcare Foundation And Out Of The Closet


Actor Eric Schiffer attends the ‘Global Green USA Hosts 10th Annual Green Cross Millennium Awards’ at the Beverly Hills Hotel


Human Rights Campaign 2006 Los Angeles Gala Dinner, Eric Schiffer, Tori Amos, Dean McDermott


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  1. Lola Back Says:

    Awesome I adore the various articles which have been written, and especially the comments posted! I’ll definately be visiting again!

  2. Kris Oard Says:

    I have a preview from the Paris Hilton movie on my website. To bad it got relased onto the internet for everyone to watch. She did not want it to be public as it was her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon that leeched it.

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