Lily Allen Shuts Down Tour

Lily Allen, citing exhaustion (I think we all know what that really means), has pulled the plug on her North American tour. She stated, “I just feel like it’s been dragged out for so long, and that– you know, the show isn’t as good as it was, because I’m having to sing so much. And I’ve been getting really drunk in order to even look at the stage, and I don’t think it’s fair to take money off of people when the show isn’t going to be very good. So that’s the first thing.” Lily also adds that her energy is a major factor for her decision, “And also, I’m pretty tired. I want to get the second album out, and I’m not going to be able to do that if I’m touring. So I’m going to stay in America and do all the kind of promotional commitments I have to do, which is all the TVs and radios and stuff, and I’m still going to do all the radio[-sponsored] shows that I was asked to do in the first place, so it’s only about half of the shows that have been cancelled.”

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One Response to “Lily Allen Shuts Down Tour”

  1. Lilyallenfans Says:

    Our little Lily rocks:)

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